A Monument to Theodore Roosevelt in San Luis Obispo

Over the last 18 months, a committee of local volunteers has been working toward implementation of a Theodore Roosevelt Monument in San Luis Obispo, California. To date, ARTS Obispo has raised about $45,000 for this project, almost 1/3 of our overall target of $150,000 for the Monument.

We are under contract with our artist, Paula Zima of New Mexico. Paula has already developed three maquettes of her proposed statue of Theodore Roosevelt. We expect to apply to the City of San Luis Obispo within the next three months for approval of this public art project, to be located in Mitchell Park, in downtown SLO. That is the site where President Roosevelt spoke to a crowd of 10,000 people on May 9, 1903, at the halfway point on his “Great Loop” tour of the American West. We hope you will join us in moving this monument forward. When complete, it will provide an educational and inspirational link to our 26th President and his legacy in conserving our nation’s natural resources.

To date, there is no such monument to Roosevelt in the Western states. Clearly, he deserves recognition for his exemplary record of resource protection in the West, and especially in California.


  • A general-purpose flyer
  • Photographs of the maquettes of the proposed statue by Paula Zima
  • A sample of related sculpture by Paula Zima
  • An aerial photograph of Mitchell Park
  • A conceptual site plan produced by RRM Design Group, a local architectural firm
    for the monument
  • A record of print media coverage of the project in our local news outlets.
  • Copies of contemporary local news reports of Roosevelt’s visit
  • An excerpt from the speech that Roosevelt gave in San Luis Obispo in 1903
  • The most recent financial statement of the Theodore Roosevelt Monument project at
    ARTS Obispo
  • For further information, please contact John Ashbaugh, Project Director.